Extreme Reading Competition!

Are you an avid reader? Do you love reading high and low…far and wide? Then this is the competition for you! 

The Read and Ride-A-Thon team are launching their next competition, and we want you to get involved! 

We want you to find an obscure place to read your book…and then get an adult to take a picture of wherever you are. 

You could be: Reading in your pyjamas in bed…reaching for the stars high up in a tree house…or even hanging out upside down on the monkey bars at your local park! 

Just remember: Wherever you go, take an adult with you and make sure you are safe at all times! 

How to enter: 

1: Find your exciting, exhilarating place to enjoy your book. 

2. Read your book whilst your adult takes a picture of you. 

3. Print out your picture and hand it to your teacher by: 

Friday 20th April 2018.

Good luck and happy reading!

To help you on your way – here’s an inspiring message from Eammon Reilly…

He has kindly donated a signed copy of ‘The Look Outs’ for our Extreme Reading Competition winner! Thank you Eammon!



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