KPA’s very own author!

The Read and Ride-A-Thon is all about promoting both exercise and reading for our children! We know that one way to do this is by sharing some of our success stories, of how books can inspire everyone, wherever you are from or whatever you do! 

Here at KPA we have our own success story – Mr Burton (teacher of Year 6) has written and published his very own children’s book – ‘Volcano Sleep’. We thought you might like to know a little bit about why he has embarked on his new hobby: 

Why did you decide to start writing children’s books?

“It was a New Year’s resolution to write some children’s books this year. I love creating things like songs, so I’d thought I’d have a go at writing a children’s story.
Also my granddad wrote a story which was never finished before he died – it’s been in my mind to finish it one day – this is a first step.”
What inspired you to write ‘Volcano Sleep’?
“I love making up bed-time stories to my two children – this was one I remembered telling them and I thought it’d be an easy story to write and illustrate.”
How did you create your own illustrations?
“I’m a great believer in doing things yourself – even if they’re not perfect. I think doing your own illustrations adds a little personality to the books. I started by just sketching ideas – then re-sketching and making adjustments. I then used some pro-markers to colour in the characters. It is very therapeutic!”
What are your plans as an aspiring author – are their more books in the pipeline?
“I’ve finished writing a second story about a  world where the rain is draining away all the colour – it is a little bit more serious. I am not too happy with the first draft so I will spend lots of time editing or even completely changing it. My first story was written and created within 4 weeks – I think this will take a lot longer!
I have to keep remembering that it is just a hobby and the main thing is that I enjoy doing it.”
Why did you decide to make your book rhyme?
“I just sat down to write the story and that is how it came out – all in one go! I love rhyming and think I will try and continue with that style with the other books that I hope to do.”
Are there any authors who have particularly inspired your writing or love to write?
“I don’t really have any favourites, but I obviously like the rhyming books by Julia Donaldson; another favourite book is ‘Giraffes cant Dance’ by Giles Andreae.
My absolutely favourite children’s author is Richard Scarry. These are the stories that I remember my dad reading to me when I was young boy (thousands of years ago).”
Will you follow in Mr Burton’s footsteps? Might a love of reading inspire you to become a published author? 
If you would like to read KPA Blogger’s review of ‘Volcano Sleep’ – click here







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