Our grueling training regime…

The Read and Ride-A-Thon team have been busily training, using up their evenings and weekends in order to get fit and prepare themselves for the epic bike ride! The team have commented, “Training has been very hard, the most difficult thing is waking up at 6am in the morning!” Sleepily, they get their Specialized gear on, pack up their back packs with all important food, water (and books!), and then meet together to begin their cycle – up to 50 miles per training session! It usually takes them around 3-4 hours and they travel all across the beautiful countryside of Dorset, reading and riding as they go!

Where’s the fun if you don’t stop off at various locations to take pictures of reading a long the way? 

As well as training, the team have also been busy fundraising! So far, through a number of donations and fundraising days at Sainsbury’s, they have raised about £2000 for refurbishing the library and new sports equipment! 

Recently, the team even popped up in the Daily Echo! They were very proud to see their faces in the Bournemouth newspaper, getting their word out there. It is very important for the team to share their love of reading and get everyone involved. If you see the team out – please give them a wave and share your donations and support! Thank you!


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