Read & Ride-A-Thon 2018

What was the Read & Ride-A-Thon?

Our Read and Ride-A-Thon was a bike ride bonanza to help raise awareness and funds for children in our local area. Three of KPA’s lucky teachers cycled a 530 mile journey from Broadstairs in Kent, all the way to Lands End in Cornwall!

Our cyclists set off in Viking Bay on the 29th July, and cycled along the south coast, stopping off at a number of destinations on the way to read a wide range of reading materials. They arrived in Bournemouth on 1st August, where they were greeted by a whole host of family and friends, including the Mayor of Bournemouth! Finally after a painstaking journey, they arrived in Lands End on the 8th August, full of happiness, cheer and fatigue!

Read & Ride-A-Thon objectives

First and foremost, through a range of fun and engaging fundraising activities, The Read & Ride-A-Thon promoted reading and exercising for children in our local area – and beyond!

Our secondary aim was to raise enough money to support King’s Park Academy’s library and sports facilities, giving them a much needed refurbishment, exciting children at KPA to become regular readers and fitness fanatics!

To find out more, visit ‘An Insight into KPAs Read & Ride-A-Thon’

We are extremely grateful for all money that was donated towards this very worthy cause! Our school library, was transformed from this…

to this…

How has this helped us?

The inspiring and imaginative new library has helped to encourage your children to love books – to read a wealth of adventure stories, fairy tales and comedies! Reading competitions in school have also evoked an excitement of reading, encouraging children to read a wider range of book genres, including non-fiction and historical texts. 

The money raised also went towards new books for the book corners in classrooms, as well as more home readers for you to enjoy with your children at home.