Another surprise guest!

Not only have we peaked the interest of the one and only Mr Speaker, but now the Read & Ride-A-Thon team have sparked the interest of a performer, presenter, script writer, impressionist and actor! Mr Chris Jarvis came into KPA, talking about his illustrious career. You many know him from CBeebies and CBBC, as alongsideContinue reading “Another surprise guest!”

Our grueling training regime…

The Read and Ride-A-Thon team have been busily training, using up their evenings and weekends in order to get fit and prepare themselves for the epic bike ride! The team have commented, “Training has been very hard, the most difficult thing is waking up at 6am in the morning!” Sleepily, they get their Specialized gearContinue reading “Our grueling training regime…”

Extreme Reading Competition Winners!

A huge thank you and well done to all children who took part in the Extreme Reading competition! We were inundated with fantastic, funny, beautiful and some bizarre, extreme reading photos!  In fact, the photos were so good…that we couldn’t choose just one winner…so we chose 6! Congratulations to all our winners, you took extremeContinue reading “Extreme Reading Competition Winners!”

Specialized bike fitting!

A ginormous thank you goes to Specialized for turning our amateur Read & Ride-A-Thon team into (almost) professional cyclists kitted out with all the Specialized gear! Upon arrival, the team met Blake, who gave them a guided tour of the incredible Specialized Head Quarters, including the showroom and workshop. They then met Murph who usedContinue reading “Specialized bike fitting!”

Read & Ride-A-Thon Team Interview

We asked two of KPA’s finest and very enthusiastic interviewers to get all the gossip from the Read & Ride-A-Thon team.  Where will they sleep on their epic journey?  What will they be wearing?  Who has the most embarrassing biking story?  Find out the answers to all these questions and more… by watching the videoContinue reading “Read & Ride-A-Thon Team Interview”

Extreme Reading Competition!

Are you an avid reader? Do you love reading high and low…far and wide? Then this is the competition for you!  The Read and Ride-A-Thon team are launching their next competition, and we want you to get involved!  We want you to find an obscure place to read your book…and then get an adult toContinue reading “Extreme Reading Competition!”